INREP is a three-year Horizon 2020 collaborative research project with the objective to develop and deploy valid and robust alternatives to indium (In) based transparent conductive electrode materials as electrodes.






Researchers and engineers




Physical properties of interest

INREP as presented at the beginning of our adventure

INREP final video is available!

Challenge of growing demand
for electronics containing TCOs

In-based materials, mainly ITO, are technologically entrenched in the commercial manufacture of components like LEDs (both organic and inorganic), solar cells, touch-screens... these cumulative markets having multiplied by a factor of 4 in 5 years.

Technical challenge

INREP brings together a unique multi-disciplinary consortium to met a double challenge: the creation of TCOs and their deposition technologies with the optimum opto-electrical properties for the economic and safe manufacture of opto-electronic components.

Project aims and applications

The project aims at a complete assessment of the relevant properties of the proposed TCOs, including the impact of deposition technique, and by doing so, devise optimum processes for their application in selected, high value application areas: organic and inorganic light emitting diodes (LEDs), solar cells and touch-screens.

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